Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID)

Idea Kenya supplies a wide range of RFID Products, including RFID Tags, Readers and Labels suitable for various applications and environments.


Radio Frenquency Identification - is a revolution in logistics. RFID systems consist of a reader, antenna and a minuscule chip through which objects, animals and/or persons can be identified and followed real-time using radio signals. 
By using RFID, read data from multiple chips can be processed from a distance, simultaneously, automatically and fast. It's possible to uniquely identify items.

Areas of Application

Asset Management
Logistics and supply chain management
Apparel management
Container management
Motor vehicle management
Personnel management
Library management
Production management
Document management
Parking charge management
Ware House Management, steel industry
Event Management Solutions
Animal management etc.

Our RFID Products

RFID Keyfob

RFID Label and Sticker tags

RFID Wristband tag

UHF Laundry Tag

RFID Clothing Tag

RFID Animal Tag

RFID Book and Library tag



RFID Proximity Card

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